Having a great product idea is something beautiful, but it's worthless if it isn't tested, validated and built.

Starting in 2017, I've started to generate hundreds of business ideas. After some first testing, I started seriously thinking about maybe a dozen of them. After some validation, I've built and grown 5 fully fledged products, and sold one.

  • I built MentorCruise in 2017/2018. After multiple iterations, it's now an open marketplace of over 170 mentors and 3,000 students.
  • RemoteML is the biggest job board for Remote Machine Learning Jobs. It has grown to a community of over 3,500 Machine Learning enthusiasts.
  • Intravert is a new way for creators to monetize their blogs and display ads. Fully organic, without any tracking needed.
  • Recently, I've also built NoHQ as a remote work education resource. I've scored 3-digit sponsorship offers in the first few month of existing.

I'm comfortable with testing ideas, doing customer interviews, mapping out the concept, and then building the first iterations of a product. If you're at the very first step and have a great idea, let's talk!

To build products, I like to use Django, Tailwind and any deployment structure you feel comfortable with. The goal is to get your idea live as fast as possible, but with the right balance between time, UX and functionality.