Private AI and why it's needed

A few weeks ago, I applied for a new Udacity program about Private AI. Funnily enough, it's co-organized by Facebook - one of the top companies why Private AI is needed in the first place. [...]

Dominic Monn

Rise of Communities

Web 2.0 was all about mass participation and being connected all the time. As generations shift, this trend seems to revert itself again, as [...]

Dominic Monn

Beyond Equity

The definition of startups is getting broader, and as founder-friendly VCs are getting born, it might be time to think beyond equity. [...]

Dominic Monn

Culture-First Companies

Recently I've seen an increased amount of companies who publicly share their values, beliefs and goals. For some of them it has become just as important as their growth and product. I call them Culture-First Companies. [...]

Dominic Monn

Choose your own path

A few days ago a young man called Ibrahim reached out to me. When he found out that I never went to college, he was pretty surprised. He always thought that you have to go to college to become successful. [...]

Dominic Monn