My name is Dominic Monn, I’m a Machine Learning Engineer and avid product founder working remotely from Zurich, Switzerland.

My speciality lies in connecting all the loose ends between Machine Learning and Product. In my opinion, the best ML algorithm is the one you can’t feel, but the one that magically enhances a user experience. I strongly believe that ML algorithms are going to be a big part of modern software development, but we have to enter the plateau of productivity first.

I also run my own products. I started MentorCruise in 2018 and have grown it to over 200 mentors and 4,000 mentees. I run a remote machine learning community at RemoteML, passing 4,000 subscribers there too. I have built Intravert, an online billboard equivalent for communities that are being served over 100,000 times every month across the internet. I am also writing content on NoHQ, a resource for remote founders to find out how remote-first companies are tackling difficult problems.