I was thinking about calling this post "Don't look up your ideas", but that wouldn't be nearly dramatic enough.

But that's what this post is essentially about. People get a groundbreaking idea, and tend to kill it instantly because of one simple reason: They found out that it has already been done–by looking it up.

However, by doing that, you're not only tempted to discard your idea, you're also killing every bit of uniqueness your idea might have had. By looking your idea up, you're setting the bar for your own product, and you're subconsciously adopting their design choices, functionalities and ideas.

Instead of doing that, think about your own idea a little longer. Could you potentially niche it down? Serve a community that's close to you, and that you could grow out of? It's a great way to get validation early.

Put up a proof-of-concept landing page, describe the issue you are solving and how you are doing it, and then send it to the communities you're looking to serve.

Now, when you inevitably (or maybe not), hear about your competitors, you can look them up. You should have a feeling now if your product is a dead end, or simply needs some tweaking to be better or at least different than your competitors.

I could name dozens of ideas of other people, but also my own, which got killed prematurely, simply because there was a google result, when we were hoping there wasn't one. Don't listen to Google, your idea might evolve in a very unexpected way.