How shifting thought models from consuming to creating helps you become happier and more mindful.

This phenomenon might have a better name, but when I was looking for it I was just able to find a few creative podcasts and half-hearted blog posts, so let me try to explain it.

The internet has brought us tons of possibilities, and just like with the TV, the vast majority of people like to use it to pass time. Reddit is a wonderful time sink for some people, Instagram and Snapchat are it for others. The output of those activities is often zero.

I remember the day when one of my peers stopped reading coding tutorials, stopped admiring and starring all those open-source projects and stopped lurking on Twitter, and started producing content on all those platforms. It encouraged me to start taking my blogging (so mad that I took this down!) and my social accounts seriously. Whenever I lurk on a new platform, I now think about whether it would make sense to create something instead. That has helped me a lot in the past:

  • It has helped me grow a tiny Twitter audience of 1,700 followers. A great group of people I often ask for advice
  • It has allowed me to build multiple growing projects, one more exciting than the other.
  • 2/3 of my last jobs were closed on Twitter DMs!
  • It has led me to write thousands of words on different blogs and publications.

If you spend more than an hour per day on a certain platform, think about creating something for it, rather than consuming it all the time. It may not make sense (I’m not looking to film a public TikTok anytime soon), but it’s a great check to do.