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Building Equity

When looking at what to do, and what to work on, you should try to pick things that stick. Things that compound and grow over time. You should build equity. [...]

Dominic Monn

Compounding Progress

It feels tempting to give in to enthusiasm and build a project in one night, learn something in a single week or master an art [...]

Dominic Monn

Power of Aligned Incentives

In many parts of life, incentives aren't aligned. We're used to that, as it is the case in most industries and parts of life. Recently, I started realizing how powerful incentive alignment is though. [...]

Dominic Monn

How not to lose your mind as a remote worker

It has been a little over a year, since I've gone from a 3h daily commute to working fully remotely. The transition has been rough at the start, and I need to write this article for people transitioning into a remote role, but also to remind myself to stick to this. [...]

Dominic Monn