Dominic Monn

I am a Machine Learning Engineer at Doist, working on making people more productive through Todoist and Twist.

I love to create. I am running MentorCruise, a mentorship platform for people in Tech with over 5,000 members. I also run NoHQ, where I index how the world's best remote companies are being run.

You can follow along on Twitter or by following my IndieHackers profile.

Machine Learning

I have been working professionally in Machine Learning since 2017, when I joined NVIDIA as an intern. I had the luck to work together with some really bright minds, create some really interesting stuff and build out my expertise on the job.

Getting into a position like that at such a young age and with such little academic experience was quite special. As a result of that, Udacity covered my story in form of a long-form blog post. It's probably one of the earliest times you will find my name in the open on the web.

These days, I work at Doist, the remote-first company behind Todoist and Twist. I love cutting through AI-hype nonsense, and use ML in a way that is actually useful, Doist allows me to do exactly that.


I created a little site called in 2017. I had just gone through one of Udacity's Nanodegrees, and lost access to my mentor on completion. I saw how informal mentorship was handled "in the real world" and decided it was time for something new. MentorCruise was born in a period of about 4-5 months, building it on my bed or in trains.

V1 of MC's landing page

What started with maybe 10 mentors and 1 or 2 mentorships at a time, has grown into a lively marketplace, where you can receive mentorship from Engineers, Designers, Managers and Entrepreneurs at the best companies in the tech industry.

While incredibly difficult to start out, it has opened some big doors for me since then, and has allowed me to hop on a podcast with Courtland Allen from IndieHackers, introduced me to hundreds, if not thousands, of interesting people around the world and has given me the single biggest source of learning over the past few years.

Indie / Maker / Creator

I love to create things, and put them out in the world. I left my first footprint on the online world when I built a scrappy little social network on the CLI in 2016, and got it funded with $1,500 through Kickstarter.

Since then, I am probably coming close to over a dozen of projects I created at some point. Some of them I sold (3 so far), some of them I shut down, some of them are still online and living today. At some point, I started building products with EEG-powered controls and a fashion line designed by AI, fun times.